Jeanette Niebelschütz



You will outline the theme, idea and characteristics of your event. I will listen carefully and together we will plan and realise your event.

During this process, requirements are presented, ideas are exchanged, and the perfect location is determined. We will discuss costs, negotiate differences of opinion and elaborate an overall concept.

We will determine the scope, choreography and special features of your event and will specify the calculations to have a clear overview of the situation. Having achieved this, we will focus on the optimal realisation of the event. I offer full transparency, decided action and commitment at every step of the way.

Thanks to years of professional experience and an abundance of contacts, I will be glad to introduce you to a lively variety of refined restaurateurs, renowned artists, imaginative florists and experienced artisans to create a unique and unforgettable event program for you.

My highly experienced and qualified team and I will take on the organisation, realisation and completion of your event.

For private parties, in smaller venues, I will work effortlessly, maintaining a strict eye on the budget, staging and directing your performance. Invited artists will set the tone with an atmospheric prelude, the room will be suitably decorated and illumined with lights or candles.

Stature and brilliance are decisive.

Naturally, there are those days when even a perfect plan must be surrendered to fate: A snowstorm in September, a chef on the wrong train, a power cut or a band with a flat tire.

In such situations, we must keep calm and improvise. Curry sausages from a diner, beer from the gas station, a quiz with the guests, or an impromptu sing-along and - Hallelujah! - the hand of chance adds some extra moments of cheer and unforgettable togetherness to the mixture of ingredients. We will make the best of any situation.

I am at your side with energy, charm and optimism - until all the confetti is swept up. You can rely on me.


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